Join the Balcan-IX  Public Peering marketplace and exchange the IP traffic freely with participants from all over Europe!

Whether looking to exchange the IP traffic, to get access to specific content, either publicly available or located in a cloud, whether looking to distribute/ access video streaming, or highly secured communication services, with guaranteed bandwidth, the Balcan-IX multi-service platform is the right solution for you, allowing optimizing costs and simplifying your operations.

  • Accessible from all major marketplaces in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, Kiev;
  • Available in both versions, as Public Peering and Virtual Private Interconnect, allowing public or private traffic exchange, suitable for all peering policies, either open, selective or restrictive;
  • Complemented with full range of services, including collocation, security, data communication, and managed services;
  • Available at short notice, scalable to your needs;
  • At least 99.9 percent availability;
  • Flexible and rich mix of IP Peering, IX Transit and IP Transit services, to optimize the quality and costs;
  • Pay-as-you-go services, no need to buy a full port ;
  • Better and more cost-efficient than comparable offerings.

In order to join the Balcan-IX Public Peering, you need to follow these steps:

A. Check if you meet the requirements to apply for Balcan-IX Public Peering service:

  • You represent a recognized legal entity (a company);
  • You have an ASN (Autonomous System Number);
  • You have an agreement with the chosen colocation center or  a transport provider, or have the intention to buy at customer’s location.

B. Request a quote below

C. Documents

  • Our sales representative will contact you to discuss the offer terms
  • Upon offer acceptance, get necessary paperwork by email;
  • Send the signed agreement and service order form back.

D. Our support will contact you to implement the ordered services.

If you have any queries about joining Balcan-IX, would like to discuss whether our services meet your requirements or you need assistance in filling in this form, please e-mail peering@balcan-ix.net before submitting it.

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