Welcome to the safest and most reliable hosting space in Romania! Our collocation services offer a secure environment for your equipment and access to network connectivity that let you reach customers around the world.

All our racks have well-known and recognized producers. They all respect the EIA-310-D standard, which guarantees the highest security, quality and the technical compatibility of our service.

Our collocation space is situated in the densest marketplace in Bucharest, Romania at Feper building, No 8, Dimitrie Pompeiu Bd, 020337 Bucharest, Romania.

The way we think and develop our services is similar to the way banks develop theirs: we start with the basic needs of your company, we make sure we have these ones covered; and we build new services from that point further, as the business grows. This is how we can guarantee a professional solution for your need to keep data in a safety wise optimized environment.

The building complying to TIA 942 Tier 3 is equipped with modern access systems, own parking, security and fire team. Vehicle access routes are controlled and equipped with automatic barriers.

Staff access to the building is controlled. All major areas are monitored by cameras.Additionally, the Data Center offers spaces dedicated to customer equipment preparation, as well as for storage.

Collocation surface is covered with anti-static paint. A static technical floor is mounted on a galvanized steel structure, with maximum load of 1500 kg / sqm, and 80 cm height.

The site facilities

  • Continuity of power supply (diesel generator)
  • The systems are provided with N+1 redundancy electrical power. In case one generator cannot take over the power, the other generator will provide all the power needed for collocation center’s electricity supply.
  • The gen-sets have their own fuel tank provides a range of 72 hours with the possibility of supplying fuel while in function, to operate indefinitely.
  • The power equipment is tested weekly under specific procedures for inspection and maintenance. The Data Center provides backup power ensuring 99.999% power availability.
  • Full redundancy of all facilities

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Each UPS is provided with independent banks of batteries, type “maintenance free” sealed without risk of leakage. The UPSs are provided with N+1 redundancy, ensuring the autonomy for 15 minutes at full load for all users of the data center. All UPS systems are regularly maintained and checked by individual engineers.

The technology is on-line, with double conversion, with the redundant architecture for the basic systems.

All our back-up systems are individually maintained and regularly checked by our engineers 24 h  day, 7 days /week.

The single power supply equipment is protected through a Load Transfer Module with high capacity. This allows continuous operation of such equipment even during maintenance / scheduled intervention sessions, by immediate switching on backup power branch.

The climate control

The Air Conditioning system is supplied with electricity from two independent circuits. In case the needed cooling power exceeds 8kW / rack, it is possible to install special units.

Fire detection and extinguishing

The Data Center is equipped with the most advanced systems for automate fire detection and firefighting to ensure that fires are isolated and extinguished it without damage of surrounding areas.

The system for fire detection is based on the detection of fire with smoke sensors. Sensors are placed under the high ceiling, under collocation rooms floor and other spaces (offices, warehouses, technical areas).
INERGEN extinguishing system

In the unlikely case of a fire, an extinguishing INERGEN agent is discharged inside the collocation rooms. The extinguishing system is installed, maintained, verified and certified by companies with vast experience.


Basic Services

  • 1,2,4, ¼, ½ RU
  • Dual electric power supply
  • FE/GE port connectivity
  • IP: 1 Public IP
  • the racks have standard equipment of 2 energy distribution unit sets
  • the doors and the side panels locked for equipment safety

Additional  Services

  • Power & Cooling: N x 100 W
  • IP-MPLS-based, certified transport services , with domestic and European coverage


 Basic Services
  • 19 inch racks
  • standard 42 rack units cabinets
  • FE/GE port connectivity
  • one/more public IPs or a subclass of public IP addresses
  • 1hour/month Remote Hands/ Technical Support

Additional  Services

  • Power & Cooling: N x 100 W
  • Carriers: N x 1 FE  or N x 1 GE
  • IP-MPLS-based, certified transport services , with domestic and European coverage
  • IP Addresses: N x 1 Public IP or subclasses of 4, 8, 16, 32 & 64 IP Addresses
  • 1000 square meters of Carrier Neutral Data Centre
  • Situated in the densest marketplace in Bucharest, Romania
  • Compliant to Basel II, SOX, ISO 27001, ITIL, Uptime Institute& TIA 942 Tier3 compatible
  • Service availability guaranteed – 99,982%
  • Professional managed services 24/7/365,
  • Highly educated personnel, with more than 500 technical certifications
  • Accreditation for Electronic Archiving (MCSI)
  • A redundant system of UPS and emergency power supply,
  • Redundant climatic control system
  • Unparalleled Security: bio-metric reader. video surveillance and centralized security management 24/7/365
  • A double detection system with an automatic extinguishing system with “Inergen” inert gas;

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