Make a smart choice and entrust us your Internet access service, to enjoy the best-in-industry service, with uninterrupted and unrestricted broadband connection!

Because we know how critically important is the Internet for your today business, we have designed a premium Internet access, backed with robust service level agreement, streamlined operations and 24*7 customer support, so that you can totally rely on.

Our Internet Broadband service provide you a dedicated link to one of the largest internet backbones in Romania and in the region, offering scalable bandwidth choices with multiple access options, while the quality of service being carefully controlled through traffic prioritization within the core network.

With the largest fiber network coverage in Romania and one of the most modern, extended and fully redundant international backbones (exceeding 5 Tbps) in the region, with PoPs in Budapest, Frankfurt, London and Amsterdam, we are bridging Western Europe with Asia, enabling data transport services along all footprint.

  • High speed connectivity;
  • Unlimited traffic: flat monthly fee, irrespective of the traffic volume ;
  • 24/7 service availability resulting from pro-active monitoring of the network;
  • High efficiency: the service can be used simultaneously for various applications: (browsing, video conference, files upload/download, corporate e-mail, intranet, extranet, distance learning, VPNs);
  • Scalability: the service bandwidth can be easily upgraded to meet the end user’s needs.