Get the most out of your connection!

Designed for customers looking for best connection to Internet, IX Connection provide the customers with direct acces to biggest European public peering exchanges (IXs), in a simple and effective manner, without having to negotiate peering agreements with every IX.

  • Large number of peering partners from all over Europe
  • Better routing control
  • Improved service parameters – delay, jitter, loss
  • No extra hardware and collocation costs
  • No hassle of dealing with many providers
  • Short implementation time
  • One contact, one bill

In order to apply for the IX Connection services, the Beneficiaries needs to firstly subscribe a Balcan-IX Port, located at one of the Balcan-IX locations.

  1. Check if you meet the requirements to apply for IX Connection service:

– You represent a recognized legal entity (a company);
– You own all rights, licenses and permits necessary for the provision of electronic communications services, and the requested video content streams retransmission, both from the owner of the rights and from all competent authorities
– You have previously subscribed to a Balcan-IX Port

  1. Request a quote below
  2. Documents
    – Our sales representative will contact you to discuss the offer terms
    – Upon offer acceptance, get necessary paperwork by email;
    – Send the signed agreement and service order form back.
  3. Our support will contact you to implement the ordered services.