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In order to get access to the various platform’s services, the customers’ needs to firstly subscribe a Balcan-IX port, located at one of the Balcan-IX SAPs. Available port bandwidth:  1 Gbps / 10 Gbps.


POP Address
Amsterdam Telecity 2, Kuiperberweg 13, 1101 AE, Amsterdam
Bucharest – Dimitrie Pompeiu 8 Bd Dimitrie Pompeiu 8
Bucharest – Dimitrie Pompeiu 6 Bd Dimitrie Pompeiu 6
Budapest Dataplex, Asztalos Sándor u. 13, 1087 Budapest
Frankfurt Equinix FR5, Kleyerstrasse nr 90, room 1.9, & 3.8
Frankfurt Interxion Weissmueller Strasse nr 19, FRA 4, room 9C
London Telehouse North, Coriander Av.E14 2AA,room TFM1, 1st floor
Russe, Bulgaria Telecom Center Rousse, 16 Tzarkovna Nezavisimost Str
Sofia, Bulgaria Telepoint, Ovche Pole Str. 122